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The cloud-based business email market is on track to reach $60B by 2022. Discover an award-winning program designed to grow your business through predictable recurring revenue. Benefit from a software that offers a wide range of solutions to your client's challenges in a single subscription. Kerio Connect SaaS offers the following benefits:

  • Benefits
  • Pay monthly
  • Free centralised customer management
  • SaaS solution
  • Noticeable interface User-friendly, Stable & Secure

Grow your business and discover GFI's solutions

  • Cloud-based email, chat, calendars
  • Seamless integration with email clients & mobile devices (BYOD)
  • Advanced security included
  • Purposefully designed to be easy to manage

Work with us to create your own SaaS e-mail solution in your data centre. Try it yourself with the 30-day trial version.



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GFI MailSecurity

GFI MailSecurity blocks 99.9% of emails containing spam, phishing and malware. An easy to use SaaS email security solution, keeping users safe. GFI MailSecurity has 2 built-in AV engines and numerous anti-spam defences.

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