More success with SECURITY for MSP PARTNERS

Easily increase your MSP offering, efficiency and revenue with Infinigate MSP.  A complete package of security solutions, tools and services are at your disposal to easily add security to your MSP proposition. 

Why start with MSP now? 

Many medium sized companies and also larger enterprises expect from their managed service providers a wider range of ict security services. This is very important because they are looking for help to protect their sensitive data against the growing number of threats. High on the agenda of many is the better protection of data, the increased use of cloud services and the significant expansion of mobile devices in the enterprise, all this poses a challenge. Employees want to use the company network every day, in every location and on every device. 

Your customers realize that traditional environmental security measures - such as firewall and threat detection services - can no longer secure only their most sensitive data. That's why they've started looking for data encryption and access control solutions to bring security closer to the data and the users. 

As a managed service provider, your organization can generate more revenue by providing new security through Infinigate MSP, such as data encryption, monitoring, identity management and access control. Infinigate MSP supports all environments, from data centers to multi-cloud environments, allowing your customers to secure applications, workloads and data in any environment their business needs now and in the future.

What can Infinigate MSP do for you?
  • Automated billing and clear reporting with smart filtering capabilities 
  • Monthly flexible billing for distribution and continuity 
  • Ready-to-use templates for contracts, legal and commercial documents 
  • Simple and user-friendly 24-7 accessible self-service portal

Infinigate works with the following MSP providers:

Netwrix MSP
Netwrix solutions provide MSPs with a unified and centralized approach to security, so you can understand where sensitive data is located, assess risk, control activities, and prove compliance.  

Netwrix MSP 
Add the most comprehensive Cloud-based IAM solution to your portfolio today! "Identity-as-a-service" is specifically designed to deliver the flexibility, functionality and support of the managed service, as the new IT environment demands.

Entrust MSP
GFI your partner for MSP. Join an award-winning program designed to grow your business through predictable recurring revenue. Take advantage of a software library that offers a wide range of solutions to customer challenges in a single subscription.




SonicWall MSP
SonicWall works with Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to deliver more than standard voice, video and data services, including breach prevention and risk management through comprehensive managed security services.

SonicWall MSP


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MSP portal

In the MSP portal, Infinigate MSP customers will find billing, usage reports and overviews of their deployed security solutions from our MSP vendor portfolio.

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Infinigate MSP is a ground-breaking new service in the distribution space exclusively for channel partners. It gives you the tools to transform your business and offer managed services, covering all areas from sales and marketing to legal and operations.

Infinigate could act as your partner in delivering all phases of the development and sales process!

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