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Entrust known for Entrust Datacard, is a leading supplier of solutions in the field of identity protection. In recent years several acquisitions have been made, making the product range fully ready for the future. If you are looking for solutions by SMS Passcode, CensorNet or HyTrust, or product solutions with SSL/PKI certificates or HSM, Entrust is the right partner for you. Entrust's goal is to provide trust everywhere with all the flexibility you would expect without any compromise.

The following solutions:




Identity Essentials

Before SMS Passcode
Fast and cost efficient method to easily enforce 2FA (MFA) for employees when using a remote desktop experience. Protecting access from outside the organisation can easily be achieved with an out-of-the box integration with the Microsoft / Citrix RDS platform. With the integration to Identity as a Service, a cloud migration is also very easy to realize in due time. The following MFA methods are supported as standard: SMS, e-mail, voice, a mobile app and the possibility of a hardware token.

IDAAS – Identity as a Service

Before IntelliTrust
This cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution offers the possibility of password-free access to your data by means of 2FA (MFA):

  • User self service - password reset, authenticators
  • VPN remote access
  • SSO portal
  • AD sync
  • Office 365 (SAML integration)
  • Additional SAML applications (e.g. SDFC, WebEx)
  • Mobile soft token and push notifications
  • SMS/Email OTP, KBA, Google Auth, FIDO2, Grid
  • Native device biometrics
  • Email, web & telephone support: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm EST
  • Adaptive/risk-based policy engine
  • Desktop login (via Desktop Agent)
  • On-prem application integrations (OAM, Netsuite, IIS) 
  • Azure Active Directory (AD) 
  • sync OpenID Connect applications integration Azure AD CAC
  • SIEM integration (Splunk) 
  • Auth API (Custom web / mobile apps) 
  • Admin API (users / groups / policies)
  • Cross-platform facial biometrics 
  • LDAP database sync OAuth 2.0 
  • URL/API protection 
  • Mobile smart credential/Bluetooth login          
  • *Depends on the license

Identity Enterprise

Formerly IdentityGuard
This is the world's most proven on-prem IAM solution for strong digital security, offering the ability to move passwordlessly between applications based on a Zero Trust approach. With the ability to use PKI (digital certification), on a physical smartcard or a virtual smartcard (on an IOS or Android device) Entrust is able to always identify the employee.
Borrowing passwords from your colleague is a thing of the past. AI makes it possible to detect non-natural behaviour, which makes abuse of the employee's identity even more protected. An extensive portal environment enables employees to register themselves as new employees, change their passwords and also has access to numerous SAAS applications.

Password Reset 

The latest research from Google has shown that 20-50% of all support tickets are related to a password reset. This causes a lot of frustration for the employees and a high burden on the support desk. With this password reset solution, the employee can easily reset his password himself.
After three incorrect login attempts, it automatically sends an SMS containing a link to the self-service portal. The user will also automatically receive an SMS a few days before the password expires, allowing the employee to change his password.

Managed Services Program (MSP)

Entrust's Managed Services Provider program provides a profitable way for you to offer the industry's most advanced cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution as a managed service to your end customers. The solution and program are designed to give you the flexibility, functionality, and support you need for day-to-day operations as an MSP.

Entrust established secure connections across the planet and even into outer space.  

  • Enabled reliable debit and credit card purchases with card printing and issuance technologies. 
  • Protected international travel with border control solutions. 
  • Created secure experiences on the internet with  SSL technologies. 
  • Safeguarded networks and devices with our suite of authentication products.

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