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Add the most comprehensive cloud-based IAM solution to your portfolio today!

 Our Managed Services Program (MSP) offers you a profitable opportunity to deliver the industry's most advanced cloud-based identity and access management (IAM). "Identity-as-a-service" is specifically designed to deliver the flexibility, functionality and support of the managed service, the new IT environment requires.

Multi-users - Hosting multiple clients on the same service with clear data separation. Each user has their own database encrypted using their own encryption key that is not shared with anyone else on the platform.
Multi-level - Option to configure multiple levels of partners and customers with full reporting capabilities on billing and usage.
Convenient single management console - Manage the ongoing needs of your customers with a highly intuitive management console. Quickly add or remove customers in subscription and assign or change different layers of service.
Make it your own brand - Possibility of white label "Identity-as-a-service" and/or customisation of colours, logos and emails for your end customers.
Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing - No inventory and monthly billing is based on the number of users per month. Pricing is automatically adjusted to the appropriate level as customers can add or remove subscriptions.
Build your pipeline - Access qualified leads and demand generation programmes.
Simplified accounting with integrated invoicing and reporting - Invoicing, usage downloads and other reports on demand. In addition, APIs are available to integrate Identity as a Service directly with your billing platform.
World-class technical support - Benefit from our installation support, troubleshooting, 24x7 technical support and technical certification programme.
  • New recurring revenue with low risk for you Partner
  • Partner-friendly IAM platform
  • Support for lead generation
  • Opportunities for professional service
  • 25+ years of digital identity and expertise
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Identity Solution Portfolio for MSPs at a Glance
Identity as a Service delivers best-in-class MFA with support for an unmatched number of authenticators and use cases, including:
Remote workers - Enabling remote workers to work safely and efficiently - anytime, anywhere.
Passwordless access - Secure frictionless options available to workers and consumers.
High level of security based on authentication - Possibility of using digital certificates for a higher level of security
Adaptive risk-based authentication - Requires additional authentication only when circumstances warrant, such as a first-time login from a new device, or at an abnormal time or from a different geolocation.
Consumer and partner portals - Secure remote access to apps, information and networks.
Identity verification - Full digital self-service identity verification for fast, secure onboard users.
Single sign-on (SSO) - Frictionless access for employees to all apps - cloud and on-premises - combined with strong protection against breaches.
Desktop login - Simplify user access while preserving corporate networks and data.
Self-service password reset - Users can change their own passwords.
Mobile computing - Our solution works like a virtual smart card on mobile devices.


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