Overview of all portals at Infinigate Group 


Nuvias is part of the Infinigate Group. Until the integration is complete, there are different portals online. Here you can find the link to the various portals.  

Infinigate Partner Portal

Infinigate MSP Portal 

The Infinigate Partner World is a platform where you as a partner can easily organize and manage your business with us:
  • Overview of your quotations, orders, delivery bills and invoices. 
  • Accept existing quotes 
  • End customer address book
  • Promotions
Via the webshop you can quickly and easily view prices for some of our vendors, request your individual quote and place orders. 
Online platform for MSPs: In the MSP Portal, purchasing Infinigate MSP customers can find, among other things, invoices, usage reports, and additional overviews of their deployed solutions from our MSP vendor portfolio. 

Nuvias One 

Nuvias Support Portal 

With Nuvias ONE by Infinigate, you have access to a robust single sign-on platform powered by Okta™ which comes complete with a variety of digital tools that can support your business and personal growth. You can start customizing your Nuvias One by requesting access to the platforms that are most useful to you.
  • Gain easy access to the supply chain portal where you can track orders and stock information
  • Stay tuned to the market with essential training courses and marketing services
  • Make easy use of the existing subscription management offering for added service to your customers 

The Nuvias support portal includes a range of support services and tools across a variety of vendors and technologies. Our highly trained engineers and technical teams are focused on ensuring a fast and efficient resolution to customer issues. All cases are logged and managed via Nuvias Portal for real-time updates on your support case. 


DCB/Nuvias Benelux Customer Portal

Deltanet, designed exclusively for Deltalink partners, streamlines your operations and provides vital support. Key features include:
  • Effortless ordering
  • Real-time statistics
  • Comprehensive training access
  • Chat support
  • Invoice and license history management
Experience the benefits of Deltanet and elevate your business with Deltalink. 
Receive (technical) support and advice on Watchguard, Trustwave, Kaspersky, TP-Link Omada & OneSpan as a reseller or customer, including REDservices (REDmanaged, REDcare,...) 

DCB/Nuvias Webshop 


Webshop for Watchguard, Trustwave, Kaspersky, TP-Link Omada & OneSpan products & services